Amnh Skincare Reviews | True to Its Claims? (Unbiased)

Most of us love how we pamper our skin every day, especially when results show up. Glitter bathing soaps and exfoliators are a new trend in the market. These tiny grains of glitter clean and awaken your skin cells every morning. Today, we will be analyzing a skincare brand known for producing products like this. With authentic Amnh Skincare Reviews, we promise you to deliver the best information helpful enough for you to make a wise decision.

Amnh Skincare Reviews

Soaps are one of those products that exist on everyone’s grocery list. The soaps and exfoliators we find in a grocery store are way too dull and simple. We girls want something shimmery and practical on our skin simultaneously. Currently, women are obsessed with natural ingredients. They also make sure what they put on their skin is safe for them. Amnh Skincare claims to fulfill all such needs of ours. Let’s figure out if it stands true to its word or not.

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Amnh Skincare Reviews | The Skincare You Need? 

Amnh Skincare was born in 2016 and then focused on selecting new ideas about body and skincare products for women. With colossal hype over TikTok and Instagram, Amnh founder, the empowered women, and a mom thought of doing something different and colorful with her upcoming products. She also encourages other busy moms to take time and achieve the goal they always wanted to fulfill. The founder’s deep market research showed that consumers are more attracted to colorful and shimmery products.

Amnh Skincare

One main thing she noticed was that these colorful and shimmery products lacked quality. They were fake or, like usual, dollar store soaps. This fact triggered her to establish her own company with both qualities and look attractive to her targeted consumers. Her brand mainly focuses on making bathing and exfoliating products. Amnh offers a wide range of products filled with natural ingredients and colors to satisfy you. The brand also offers a few skincare products like cleansers etc. Below, we will list some products from Amnh Skincare; some are best-selling, and some are Amnh’s specialty. 

Kiss The Stars 24K Gold Lip Mask

Lip masks with glitters! Isn’t that something new and exciting? Chapped and uneven lips can make them look awful. Using lipsticks over them makes it look even worse. With moisturized lips, they also need proper nourishment and health for a more extended period. This tiny jar of lip mask is rich with natural ingredients that will refresh your lips. It promises to give your makeup-free and deeply hydrated lips. 

Its ingredients contain 24k Gold shimmer, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, and other potent elements that make up this lip mask. You may experience a slight tingling sensation while putting it on, and it’s completely normal. Its ingredients will protect, heal and moisturize your lips. It also has a vegan collagen booster that will keep your lips looking younger and plump. It has peppermint flavored oil for a mild fragrance and contains biodegradable golden glitter stars. The brand promises to make each product safe for consumers and the environment. 

Every good product always comes with substitutes, and here we are listing some of them for you to choose the best.

Perks of using Kiss The Stars 24K Gold Lip Mask

  • Hydrating and nourishing 
  • Safe for consumers and the environment
  • Natural ingredients
  • Heals and protects lips
  • Vegan collagen booster
  • Avoids chapped and uneven lips
  • Smells good
  • Plumps your lips

The product has impressed numerous consumers so far, and there are not many drawbacks to it. Except, its shimmer may remain on your lips even after washing up. To avoid this, make sure you rinse it off thoroughly to put on other makeup or lip balm.

Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter

This unique body butter looks like whipped cream on the top of a cake with all shades of unicorn hair color. It has a creamy texture and has already attracted numerous consumers. It doesn’t only look attractive but also it is filled with natural ingredients. It brings the richness of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter for deeper hydration and long-lasting nourishment. Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter is also infused with vitamin E, claims to protect your skin from harmful UV rays damage and brightness your skin cell. All the ingredients in this body butter help soften and condition your skin and support elasticity and moisture retention. This creamy textured body butter has a pinch of pink cotton candy flavor that will make your every day refreshed and sweet. Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter promises to bring back your childhood in the form of its body butter and better skin. 

Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter

Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter is every girl’s obsession. However, there are a few alternatives to it too.

Perks of using Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter

  • Cotton candy flavor makes it smell good
  • Hydrates and nourishes your skin
  • Natural and nurturing ingredients
  • Creamy texture
  • Protects the skin
  • Brightens skin cells
  • Softens and conditions skin
  • Supports skin elasticity and maintains a younger-looking appearance

Drawbacks of using Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter

  • Leaves an oily feeling behind
  • Some users claimed that it has a sticky texture

24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish

People have always been obsessed with the way charcoal worked on their skin. From purifying qualities to exfoliating, charcoal is a natural element that does it all. In proper and essential skincare, exfoliating is as crucial as cleansing. It is because it removes the dirt from your pores that your cleanser may not be able to do. This product is infused with many expensive ingredients like sandalwood, black rose, smokey wood, and a pinch of patchouli, all mixed in this black polish. For a smokey, sensual finish, the top notes include a dash of toasted vanilla bean, as well as whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the smallest amount of Egyptian musk. 

The 24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish not only smells perfect but also fills your skin with deep moisture and nourishment. These potent ingredients will boost your skin health. It has antibacterial properties that keep your skin away from infections. In addition, it maintains the buoyancy of your skin by increasing skin elasticity. This sugar polish will also soothe unwanted skin redness and promote softer skin. You can use it once or twice a week, depending on the type of skin you have. Massage an adequate amount of 24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish on your skin and let it sit for a minute or two. You can then gently rinse it off the water. 

Few alternatives to this product include:

Perks of using 24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish 

  • Hydrates and nourishes your skin deeply
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Smells favorable
  • Boosts skin health 
  • Maintains the buoyancy of your skin cells
  • Increases elasticity of your skin
  • Soothes redness 
  • Promotes softer skin

Charcoal is an element that deeply cleanses your skin, but excessive use of it can strip off your skin’s essential oils and lipids. If you have dehydrated skin, using it once a week will be fine. You can use this polish twice a week if you have oily skin. Make sure you use an adequate amount and check the results.

Coconut Whipped Soap

Coconut is the safer and cleanest fruit. Adding it to our everyday products makes them rich in potent elements. It will be clean and safe for the skin. The risk of infections and acne will be less. Coconut Whipped Soap comes in a jar rather than a bar. With an adequate amount, gently apply the soap directly to your skin, then lather it up with your hand, loofah, or washcloth. You can also use it as a shaving cream. Make sure you avoid sensitive areas for the best results. The soap is infused with grape seed oil that will even tone your skin by lightening discoloration like acne, sunspots, and scars. Along with the richness of coconut oil and jojoba oil, they will hydrate and avoid inflammation. While reducing chapped and dry skin areas, it also calms the skin. 

A few dupes include:

Perks of using Coconut Whipped Soap

  • Safe and clean for the skin
  • Avoids infections 
  • You can use it as a shaving cream
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Reduces chapped skin
  • Avoids inflammation
  • Even tones skin
  • Lightens discoloration of scars, acne, and sunspots

With hundreds of products infused with coconut extracts, consumers claimed that they did not find anything new in the Coconut Whipped Soap from Amnh.

Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter

If you grew up loving mermaids, this body butter from Amnh is going to be your favorite product. Once you open the lid of Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter, the colors from your childhood mermaid cartoon will all come rushing into it. The fragrance of airy, clean ocean scent will refresh you every morning with its skin awakening qualities. This beautiful product is infused with sea ingredients like sea moss that boost your skin collagen and keratin. It will slowly make your skin look younger and refreshed.

Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter

Moreover, it helps give strength and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Gradually, this body butter will bring smooth and healthy skin. The richness of water mint improves your appearance with its antibacterial properties by avoiding unwanted acne on your skin. The product is also gluten-free and completely vegan. 

Every product comes with an alternative, and so does Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter. They might include:

Perks of using Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body Butter 

  • Avoids acne with its antibacterial properties
  • Makes skin smooth and healthy
  • Avoids wrinkles 
  • Strengthens your skin
  • Refreshes the skin
  • Boosts collagen and keratin in your skin
  • Awakens your skin
  • Airy, clean ocean scent

Ensure that you use an adequate amount of Mermaid Kisses Whipped Body butter. An excessive amount of it can cause dryness due to extra lather.

Cool Water Whipped Soap

This Whipped Soap from Amnh brings you one step closer to being summer-ready. It has a cool sensation while putting it on. You can gently massage it with your hand or loofah for better lather. Its thick and creamy consistency makes it suitable for use as a shaving cream. It suggests not to use the soap on sensitive areas and be careful while shaving. 

Cool Water Whipped Soap

Cool Water Whipped is infused with numerous potent ingredients. One of them is grape seed oil, a powerful antioxidant that avoids inflammation and redness on the skin and lightens skin discoloration. In addition, they have also added glycerin to the mixture to help your skin retain moisture. It acts as a humectant that will reduce dry skin and refresh the skin’s surface. This ingredient will deliver acne-free, soft skin in no time. It is a multi-tasking ingredient that will indirectly save you from future wrinkles and fine lines. Other powerful Ingredients in the Cool Water Whipped Soap will also heal minor wounds and scars and improve your skin condition.

Perks of using Cool Water Whipped Soap

  • Improves skin condition
  • Heals scars and wounds
  • Saves you from future wrinkles 
  • Prevents acne
  • Refreshes your skin’s surface
  • Reduces inflammation and redness 
  • Can be used as a shaving cream
  • Creamy texture

The product is soothing and calm, and it also seems to improve your skin’s appearance. Cool Water Whipped Soap has a pinch of sodium chloride, which can irritate your eyes. Be careful while using it.

Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter

Amnh skincare has guaranteed consumers to fulfill their Instagram and Pinterest obsession. They formulated a body butter that gives you a moonchild feel with kgs Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter. This body butter is filled with floral fragrances that awaken your skin and soul. For healthy nourishment and care, it has a mixture of fresh, potent ingredients like grapefruit, bergamot, thyme, white tea, and nutmeg. Using it after a shower on a dry body every day will improve your skin by reducing hyperpigmentation and redness and balancing your skin’s oil production. In addition, the formula also focuses on treating acne with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Most ingredients in this body butter prioritize lowering the risk of infections on your skin that cause acne. Eventually, it will help transform your dull and dehydrated complexion into a beautiful, radiant skin tone. 

Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter

Alternatives include:

Perks of using Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter 

  • Provides a radiant skin 
  • Eliminates dull and dehydrated complexion
  • Avoids infection and acne
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Nourishes and hydrates your skin
  • Balances skin’s oil production
  • Reduces redness and hyperpigmentation 
  • Floral fragrance 

This product from Amnh claims to protect and safeguard the skin. The product has the richness of bergamot, an excellent antiseptic that is an effective spot treatment for acne. But this does not have the same effect on sensitive skin.

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Customer feedback | Amnh Skincare Reviews

Jules commented about Cool Water Whipped Soap, “I bought the Cool Water Whipped Soap from Amnh a while before summer started. It is soft on the skin and is also a great shaving cream. The soap is hydrating and has improved my skin discoloration measurably.”

Genelia added about 24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish, “The exfoliator smells good and has a thick texture. I have used it twice a week for the past two months, and the results are pretty good. The number of acne and redness is reduced, my skin has also become plump and fresh. The blacheads on my nose have completely disappeared.”

24K Gold Activated Charcoal Sugar Polish before and after

Madison added about Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter, “Got this Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter a week ago. I saw certain Instagram posts on it, and it indulged me into buying it. It has to soften my skin, and I can see the changes. It has a nice creamy texture and also smells good but left an oily feeling behind, which was not what I expected.” 

FAQs | Amnh Skincare

Where should I buy Amnh Products? 

You can buy them from the official site of Amnh Skincare online. They are not much available on other e-commerce platforms.

Is Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter suitable for sensitive skin?

There’s no proper evidence of this, but Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter ingredients are safe for sensitive skin with their gentle properties.

Can I use Coconut Whipped Soap for skin discoloration reduction?

Yes. The product is full of nourishing and hydrating properties. It also claims to lighten skin discoloration and even tone your skin with its powerful ingredients. 

Final thoughts: Amnh Skincare Reviews

Amnh is a brand with everything today’s era asks. The brand is not quite famous yet. Numerous bathing and body butter products have established a new and excellent brand. Summing up facts and figures from this brand, we have come to the end of Amnh Skincare Reviews. The products are all-natural and different from various skincare brands. Amnh Skincare makes sure its product is free of toxins, attracting consumers looking for safe products. Each product is vegan, and no animal is harmed in its manufacturing. These simple ethics gather a good number of users.

Potential brands keep coming up in the market; some fail to make it successful, but some never give up. With innovative ideas and a good market, research Amnh is getting popular slowly. We hope we have covered everything you were looking for about Amnh Skincare. If you think we missed something about Amnh, let us know in the comment section below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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