Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews | Just Another Sham?

We are sure you have heard about footpads, which are supposed to magically drain all the bad things from your body while you enjoy a beautiful sleep. But is this theory true or just more glowing promises? Thanks to social media influencers, now we know more about them than yesterday. Although there is no substantial evidence of the performance of these pads, Deep Cleansing Foot Pads claim to freshen up your mind and clear out anxiety so that you relish in the comfort you rightfully deserve! We’ve gathered some unbiased Deep Cleansing Foot Pads reviews to know the reality. 

Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

You may not realize it, but your feet are in significant need of some TLC! They are the base and are often quickly forgotten. While environmental aggressors have done their part, our mental condition also affects our bodies in many hidden ways. As most toxins make a pathway to our body from the soles, you mustn’t forget your feet! Detox foot pads gained much traction with their claim to provide a splurge of benefits like reducing brian fog, combat fatigue, soothing muscle pain, improving skin texture, and fighting insomnia. But should you believe it? Let’s dig deep to reveal what the reviews have to say. 

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Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews | Real or Just Another Sham?

Be it summer or winter; our feet need extra care throughout the year! The Deep Cleansing Foot Pads have been designed to reunite your mind, body, and soul, away from all the melodrama. Touted as relievers of negativity, these pads stimulate your reflexology points to make you sharp as a tack! When we asked users how they felt about the whole scenario, they quickly replied with a smile. They revealed that their bodies felt much more active and full of enthusiasm. 

Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

The notion says that upon being placed on the soles of our feet, these pads suck up all the metabolic waste, heavy metals, harsh impurities, and even your body fat! After leaving them undisturbed and waking up in the morning, you can find scrappy black sheets, implying that all the toxins were successfully removed from your body. As interesting as it sounds, it has also been said that these little sheets of joy can effectively treat issues like high blood pressure and lower levels of depression and actively assist in cellulite reduction. 

People tend to believe anything when they are desperate for a cure. However, many users reported that they were delighted to see the pads work and would love to invest in this one-night luxury again!


  • Enhance immunity 
  • Rich with botanical extracts 
  • Provide strength to bones
  • Stimulate blood circulation 
  • Eliminate brain fog
  • Lower levels of fatigue
  • Soothes body pain
  • Detoxifies the whole body 
  • Tap into 60 different acupuncture points 


  • No medical evidence that these pads work
  • It may not work for every user
  • It may lead to skin allergies in some case


Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Ingredients 


Dextrin is a water-soluble carbohydrate solely responsible for elevating the solubility of water-insoluble compounds. It has a very soothing effect on the skin and helps promote even skin tone. 

Loquat Leaf 

Laden with vital nutrients, this fruit emanates a refreshing scent and is known to boost heart wellness. It also helps in building immunity and strengthens the bones. 

Wood and Bamboo Vinegar Extract 

These extracts are packed with amino acids which protect your skin from signs of aging and help reverse sun damage. They are also trusted for improving oral health and promoting digestion.  

Black Tourmaline 

This crystal has multifold benefits for your welling. The stone has potent qualities that lift your mood, help better circulation, minimize bloating, and reduce anxiety levels. 


Infused with negative ions, it helps supply oxygen to the skin to appear brighter than before. It induces a youthful glow, which bids all the dullness goodbye. 

Organic Vitamin C 

A big supporter of stimulating collagen production, this ingredient can solve all your troubles of nasty dark circles. It hydrates the skin efficiently and also fights hyperpigmentation and skin-sagging. 

Vegetable Fiber 

The goodness of vegetable fibers in this formula offers many benefits like regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improving bowel movement, and promoting healthy living to live longer!


Zeolite is quite the miracle ingredient that helps capture harmful toxins and throw them out of your body. It eliminates heavy metals and carcinogens and keeps the ph levels in check. 

Minus Ion Powder 

Known for rejuvenating the body, it lifts all the tiredness and alleviates depression. They also enhance our mood and lessen stress levels. 

Why Choose Deep Cleansing Foot Pads?

Energising Herbal Formula 

The premium foot pads are infused with 11 herbal ingredients which activate different chakras in your body. Gemstones and ancient herbs, and many botanical extracts help the skin heal from radical damage. These organic elements boost vitality and improve overall health. 

Detox From Head To Toe 

The deep cleansing foot pads exit unwanted problems from the negativity bottling up inside you. They help boost your mind, reduce irritation, and eliminate heavy metals, all of which take up a lot of space inside us. The formula also helps withdraw extra elements from your body that weigh your mind down, leading to stress. It improves blood circulation, relieves us from our body pain, and keeps our minds light to feel brisk and energized. 

Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

Boosts Immune System 

These foot pads claim to charge up your immune system with all the unique things they offer. The pads promote a healthy intestine, so half the battle is already won! They strain the excessive fat, which leads to serious health issues like frequent headaches, wrong bowel movements, fortifying bones, etc. 

A Good Night’s Sleep 

The pads have been specially crafted with an acceptable adhesive that locks themselves on the soles of your feet and doesn’t move throughout the night. This gives a relaxing period of divine comfort, which is utterly satisfying in all manners. A peaceful sleep releases happy hormones and promises you a positive state of mind to don’t feel dead from within!

Customer Feedback | Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

Mia expressed, “At first, I thought it was a joke until my friend gifted them to me. The pads work. I can notice a big improvement in my shoulder pains, which were painful previously. Now, I barely feel them. I also feel very light and fresh after waking up. I am going to repurchase this for sure.”

Melinda said, “Don’t know how I got convinced to buy these pads. They are disappointing for me and wasted my money, but I also didn’t see any good results. I followed the instructions and did it for a week straight, but nothing. I don’t think I am ever going to purchase it again.”

Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

Nova mentioned, “From the moment I laid eyes on these footpads, I knew I had to buy them. They have helped me a great deal in lowering my anxiety levels. I feel less irritated now, and I also sleep very peacefully now.”

Kira pinned, “I was under the impression that they would work well. The smell was awful, and I couldn’t bear to sleep with it the whole night. I would not recommend going for this if you are sensitive to strong smells.”

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FAQs | Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews

Where to buy Deep Cleansing Foot Pads?

You can easily buy deep cleansing foot pads from Amazon. It offers different footpads based on ingredients, formula, and flavor. There are pads available to target various body problems like removing toxins, reducing stress, improving sleep, etc. 

Why do Detox Foot Pads turn black?

As explained by the manufacturers of Deep Cleansing Foot Pads, the pads slowly remove all the harmful substances from your body while you are sleeping, so they turn black. They also say the darker tour pads, the more amount of toxins and parasites have left your body.

Do Cleansing Foot Pads really work?

There is no proper evidence that detox foot pads are fruitful and help drain away impurities. It can be said that they are not harmful in any manner, but rather quite an expense to entertain. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle by following proper diets, drinking enough water, workout sessions, and getting adequate sleep. 

Do Detox Foot Pads have side effects?

Footpads have no medical benefits; however, they won’t hamper your health. However, there may be cases of people experiencing skin allergies. This may be due to the strong adhesives used in the formula or even the nature of the ingredients: vinegar, a common ingredient in the botanical recipe, maybe one of the reasons behind this inconvenience.  

Closure | Deep Cleansing Foot Pads Reviews 

While lousy lifestyle habits are known for stocking up toxins in your body, users have greatly praised this little hack. It has been scientifically proven that detox feet pads do not possess any side effects unless you have a fling with allergies! With a promise to jump-start your detox session, many Deep Cleansing Foot Pads reviews have shown that they help you be a healthier version of yourself. While they may or may not work for everyone, how taxing can it be to find out!

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