Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews | Really Providing Dreamy Lashes?

To avoid using faux lashes and time-consuming lashes curlers, most women switch to volumizing mascaras for a daily look. Does that mean causing harm to lashes every day? Not necessarily if you have the right mascara for your natural lashes. Today we are going to talk about Lash Next Door Mascara. It may or may not be the mascara we all might have dreamt of. Well, that’s honestly an individual’s choice of choosing the right mascara for their lashes. Through our Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews, let’s find out whether this product fits in the category of “most wanted” or not.

Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews

They say, “eyes speak what a heart cannot express.” That might sound a bit cliche, but eyes do leave an extraordinary image of a person. Just a little bit of mascara, and your eyes look fuller and brighter. Not everyone is lucky enough to get thick and naturally long lashes. Some have short lashes; some have thin, and some have too dense. A good mascara will enhance those lashes into looking better and fuller. If you are looking to use mascara every day, you should make sure there’s no harm that it might cause and should be comfortable over your eyes.

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Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews | The Right Choice?

If you are Gen Z and dialed into social media long back, you must be aware of the TikTok famous beautiful twins, Brooklyn and Bailey. It all started with a simple TikTok video, and now these two are all over the internet. Apart from earning through social media, they have expanded their earnings further; they started a brand named Brooklyn & Bailey. It is not a hugely famous brand, but it has gained a lot of users through the twin’s fans over the internet. Manufacturing mascara is their first beauty product from their brand. Apart from mascara, they sell small items like hair accessories, apparel, jewelry, gift cards, keychains, and digital stuff like presets and doodles. Many users are attracted to such small businesses because they sell mini and inexpensive things. Slowly the brand is shifting towards growing the number of users through their products and variety of items.

Lash Next Door Water Resistant Mascara Black Volume and Length - No Clump Volumizing Mascara for Thickening and Lengthening - Smudge Proof Lashes by Brooklyn and Bailey (1 Pack)
  • FULLER AND LONGER LASHES- Who doesn't want luscious lashes? Made with an unique formula, your lashes will be thankful!
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS- Safe for your eyes and made with simple ingredients, this mascara will become your go to!
  • CLUMP FREE FORMULA- We want you to look your best! This unique formula will make sure your lashes look flawless and smooth! Say goodbye to clumpy and heavy looking mascara!
  • BROOKLYN AND BAILEY APPROVED - With millions of followers on YouTube, facebook and Instagram these twins are no strangers! They made this mascara with you in mind! Made with premium quality ingredients, this mascara will become your favorite!
  • AMAZING VALUE- Now you don't have to worry about running out of your favorite mascara! There are options for 2 or 3 mascaras for extra value! Now you can always be prepared with a backup!

Lash Next Door Mascara is a formula of two main ingredients, one of them brings a natural volume, and the other will lengthen them. They make you look naturally voluminous without making your makeup look heavy and extra. The team of Brooklyn & Bailey has made sure that this mascara does not smudge and make you look awful after some busy hours. It stays put from the time of your application until you remove it. Getting this mascara off isn’t too much work; you can quickly get it off using water and a cleanser without having to use heavy makeup removers. They promise you a clean and comfortable mascara. So they have formulated it without TEA, DEA, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, which will make your eyes and lashes safe from harmful toxins and suitable for daily use. The gel does not break or lessen the number of lashes. Sometimes one stroke of mascara is not enough; you can layer your lashes more than once without clumps. It will glide smoothly and make your lashes curl and fuller length easily. It’s a water-resistant mascara; you can wear it all day, sweat, and cry, and it will still not come off your lashes. It dries quickly, which means you can proceed over the next makeup steps or run for your work without getting late.

Ingredients | Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews 

Carnauba wax: Carnauba wax is well known in Brazil. Palm wax is extracted from the Carnauba palm plant. It thickens and softens your lashes and makes them look naturally perfect. It will also lengthen them and keep them clean.

Carnauba wax

Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant that is a thickening agent which will make your lashes thick and dense naturally. It will also hydrate your lashes and prevent them from breaking. In addition, it will also act as a natural conditioner for your lashes.

Senegalia Senegal: Senegalia Senegal is a plant whose extracts are added to the mascara for naturally stabilizing and improving the texture of your lash hair. It also has a thickening power that will thicken your hair.

Senegalia Senegal

Benefits of using Lash Next Door Mascara 

  • Volumizes your lashesLash Next Door Mascara 
  • Clean and comfortable 
  • Comes off easily without using makeup remover 
  • Smudge-proof 
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Lengthens and conditions lash hair 
  • Toxin-free 
  • Does not break your lashes 
  • Does not clump 
  • Dries quickly 
  • Lasts longer 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Curls your lashes

Drawbacks of using Lash Next Door Mascara 

  • Thick formula 
  • Hardens the lash

Customer Reviews | Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews

Sarah added, “Being a fan of Brooklyn and Bailey, I had to try this mascara. It was cheap, so I didn’t expect much from it, but it worked above my expectations. It has a nice wand that gently combs the lashes without clumping them together. It gave me significant volume and also made them look a bit longer than my lashes usually.”

Gracy pinned, “This mascara has significant volume, but my lashes got a bit hard and didn’t move. I liked the way I could layer it without clumping it. It also lasted all day and didn’t come off.”

Lash Next Door Mascara before and after

Mindy pinned, “The Lash Next Door Mascara is good. It smoothly glides, does not clump, and volumizes the lash. I usually use it on the way to work, and it dries quickly. Just water if enough to take them off; no need for any makeup remover.” 

FAQs | Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews

Where can I purchase Lash Next Door Mascara?

Lash Next Door Mascara is available on every online platform; it is also available on Amazon and the official site of Brooklyn & Bailey.

Is the Lash Next Door Mascara waterproof?

No. The mascara is not waterproof, but the Lash Next Door Mascara is water-resistant and will last all day without smudging.

How long will Lash Next Door Mascara last?

If you apply it daily, this mascara will last for three to five months. The period it may last might differ from person to person, according to how much applied at one usage.

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Final Words | Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews

Lash Next Door Mascara has free users without working extra towards its marketing. It is because many of Brooklyn and Bailey’s social media followers came up to support their small business growth. With this, it’s time to wrap up today’s Lash Next Door Mascara Reviews. Gathering every fact and figure about the mascara, we have seen that mascara has impressive reviews from its users. Its inexpensive and safe ingredient quality attracted most customers towards it. This mascara does not clump, and you can easily layer it over your lashes. 

Some users claimed that the mascara has a thick formula and makes the lashes hard. Brooklyn & Bailey have got numerous green flags from the consumers apart from this one. Every opinion matters and differs from person to person. Make sure you make the best decision while choosing a mascara, considering the benefits and few drawbacks. We hope we have covered every corner of Lash Next Door Mascara. If you have anything to ask or comment about the mascara, you can mention it below in our comment section.

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