Sleep Styler Reviews | Way To Rich and Luxurious Curls?

Mermaid waves with chic and glossy looks are all the rage now, and we don’t blame people for wanting them. Ever since the episode of Shark Tank got streamed online, Sleep Stylers have broken the internet, and curls have made a dramatic grand return! The request for curled-up beachy locks started gaining many affirming nods, and every brunette out there got antsy to get their hands on this baby. Shark tank’s Sleep Styler claims that they can make users drop all those heating irons and welcome luxe and expensive curls with open arms! But some Sleep Styler reviews have their own story. 

Sleep Styler Reviews

We all hate to wake up early in the morning to curl up our hair, which takes forever! While this morning hair care routine can get frustrating eventually, it’s time you stop because Sleep Stylers are here with all their perks. The product promises zero damage from unnatural heat, leaving your hair in rich untangled waves. With other oozing benefits like its plush cushions, ability to absorb water, and travel-friendly, these stylers can be your new best friend this summer! But should you trust this? Let’s delve right in to find out everything we are missing on!

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Sleep Styler Reviews | Way To Rich and Luxurious Curls?

Did you know that it takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to curl your hair? Now how much does it take in a year? And what good comes of that? Just rough and lifeless locks of hair. Disappointed but not surprised! Now, who knew the episode of Shark Tank would end up being the game-changer for so many women. It’s 2022, and people are still into the curling spirit. If you are someone with thick, alluring curls, trust me, you are the envy of the town! Plump spirals can undoubtedly highlight your volume and accentuate the entire vibe. 

 Sleep Styler Reviews

Everyone dreams of keeping their beautiful tresses under control and frizz-free. Thanks to the Sleep Styler owner, your prayer is answered! Sleep Styler helps you achieve voluminous curls overnight with their easy-peasy application. Heating curls are real-time-intensive and disturb your hair’s natural quality. In contrast, Sleep Styler comes with a soft memory foam formula that feels very gentle to the hair. They grasp your hair neatly in folds and leave it salon-like curled in pretty waves. Unlike expensive treatments, you won’t have to dig a hole in your purse to get this as they are incredibly affordable and designed to cater to your needs.  

The Sleep Styler - As Seen on Shark Tank - Heat Free Curlers,. Includes 8 Mini (3 Inch) Rollers
  • The Sleep Styler Hair Curlers, 3 Inch Mini Rollers, Absorbent Heat Free Rollers, Small, As Seen on TV (12 count)
  • Dry and style your hair while you sleep and save an hour of styling time!
  • Achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly with no heat! Straightens OR curls your hair
  • Marshmallow soft memory-foam core is as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow.
  • Patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers. Microfiber material holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries super fast.

You are the high maintenance girl, and the product makes sure to do you justice! Go on, transform your hair into miraculous spirals and coils with the help of the Shark Tank Sleep Styler. All the positive reviews have been ushering users to go for this product, for we all know nothing beats stunning curls!

How To Use Sleep Styler?

  • Wash your hair correctly.
  • Make it damp with a neat towel.
  • Apply some serum to control the frizz and protect your hair. 
  • Divide hair into different sections as it would make curling easier.
  • Position the roller nicely.
  • Take a generous section of the hair and wrap your hair gently around the roller. 
  • Make sure to wrap up the strap and fasten it. The tighter you cover, the more neat curls you will get. 
  • Leave them undisturbed at night and get a goodnight’s sleep!
  • Wake up in the morning to luscious, flirtatious curls.
  • Apply some hairspray to lock the waves in that position for longer. 


  • Easy to put on
  • Very affordable 
  • Bouncy and stylish curls
  • No trouble from heat
  • It saves a lot of time 
  • No more straining of hands
  • Two different sizes depending upon your hair type
  • 0 damage to hair
  • Soft memory foam core which dries easily
  • Comfortable to sleep with
  • Act as a super absorbent 
  • Travel-friendly 


  •  People with shorter hair may find it a little bit difficult 
  • Sometimes the roller pillow may not be very comfortable to sleep with

Why Should You Get A Sleep Styler?

Romantic curls 

We all know curls are a beauty statement in themselves! The Sleep Styler has been designed with great care to give your hair the much-needed glow-up. They curl up your hair in well-defined beach-like waves which stay glossy and add spirit to your whole appearance. With a sleep styler at your service, you can readily welcome the most gorgeous and insane curls to show off!

Say no to damage

 Your pretty locks sandwiched tight between those burning curling irons is the most outrageous punishment you can give your hair. Heat rollers suck all the life out of our hair, making them look like a broom. Sleep styler avoids all the heat-fuss and gently wraps up your hair in its comfy cushions. There is no exposure to heat, which doesn’t strip your hair’s quality, leaving it classy and expensive. 

So less work

Remember not long ago you struggled with holding sections of your hair because you needed them all curled up? No more of that pain! You can effortlessly wrap your hair around the rollers and doze off to dreamland with this styler. You don’t need to sit in front of the mirror and try different angles. When you wake up all charged up, you will have fresh and luxurious locks waiting to greet you!

Easy to use

Let us be honest here; heating curlers are a task to hold! And when you have bushes of thick hair, god help you! The sleep styler assures its users it is the most relaxing and comfortable treatment for your hair. They are weightless, plush, and easy to use. The packet comes with smooth instructions you can follow to elevate up those locks. 

Dries quickly 

The Sleep Styler is made of soft memory foam core known for being cozy and providing relief from pressure. These pillows feel soft like candy floss, and dry readily, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping on wet hair. Known for being excellent absorbents, these microfibres present in the Sleep Styler hold 4-5x of their weight in water. 

Customer Feedback | Sleep Styler Reviews

Stacy W. commented, “I never believed in sleep stylers until my best friend forced me to get one yesterday. I left them overnight on my straight hair and was surprised to see my hair curled up nicely in the morning. It is also available online at cheaper rates. Go for it, guys!”

 Sleep Styler Reviews

Nancy pinned, ”I have always struggled with my dense, voluminous hair, which gets uncontrollable with its curly texture. Sleep styler has made my life easier. I use it once in a while whenever I feel like adding some curls to amp up my hair. Trust me; it’s completely worth the price.”

Cassandra said, “The volume of my hair is deficient, and when I wrap it around my hair to sleep, I can feel the stylers pulling my hair. I also had a lot of hair fall because of that. I don’t think I am going to use it much. You can go for it if you have thick hair, though.”

Karen expressed, “Always been a big fan of curlers, but my hair used to suffer from a lot of heat because of the constant use of curling irons. This night-time styler has changed my life. I love how my hair looks, and I recommend it to every girl!”

 Sleep Styler Reviews

Michu pinned, “Obsessed with Sleep Styler. I have tried many heating curlers, but none of them gave me curls like this one did with just one use! I can’t wait to tell all about it to my sisters!”

Evelyn mentioned, “Not going to lie. I just couldn’t sleep comfortably at night because of the rollers. I wish they were softer and didn’t poke my head so much. Apart from this, I am happy with everything. Pleased with the different sizes they offer.”

FAQs | Sleep Styler Reviews

Where to buy Sleep Styler curlers?

The fanbase for Sleep stylers has considerably increased and can be found in most places. You can buy a sleep styler for your hair type from a couple of leading sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. They are present at very reasonable prices, so it’s worth it!

Who owns Sleep Styler?

Tara Brown owns Sleep Styler. She appeared on Shark Tank in 2017, where she made her pitch regarding the product. A good deal was negotiated between Tara and Lori Greiner, where Tara received a whopping amount of $75000 for a 25% stake in the company. In recent times, the sales for Sleep stylers have soared and have made a business of $100 million in sales. It’s said that within 5 minutes of the episode streaming, Tara ran out of her stock as every product was sold out!

Does Sleep Styler work?

Yes, they do! Sleep Stylers do work. They help you achieve breathtaking curls without you having to do any work. They prevent you from all the expensive damage a heating iron does to your hair, like making it brittle and attractive. 

How does Sleep Styler work?

Specially designed with a soft memory foam core, Sleep Styler involves small cushion-like structures in the roller that hold your hair gently while sleeping. They help absorb water efficiently and don’t heat your hair like rollers usually do, thus preventing malicious damage. You get soft, nourishing curls after keeping them on for a night when you open them in the morning. 

Are Sleep Stylers bad for hair?

No, Sleep Stylers are not bad for hair. These stylers are not prepared from any harmful ingredients which may deplete your hair’s natural quality, like stripping down its natural oil. They are a safe bet compared to heating irons, which squeeze your delicate hair within all that heat. They are very reliable and comfortable to use. 

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Closure | Sleep Styler Review

People are taking the plunge when it comes down to using nighttime curlers. Many happy customers put the product to the test and later sang its praise. Tara Brown Sleep Styler reviews have proved how diligently it cares for your hair like no heating iron ever will! It doesn’t involve any dangerous element in its structure so that you pamper yourself with heat-free curls. The marshmallow-like cushion pads are like the cherry on the cake! So if you ever think about bringing this baby home, you are on the right path!

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