11 Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupes 2022 (Affordable Picks)

-Gym outfits are very much in style right now. Not to mention these outfits are expensive. Be it workout bras or shorts. They have shot up their prices due to their increasing popularity. Buying gym athleisure is crucial as they are conditioned to support you during your workout. Buying the right size and having a flexible workout outfit is more essential than you think. We generally wear workout shorts in the gym and for running. They are supposed to be relaxed and airy so that we have enough room for movement. It would be best if you also had pockets to keep your phone and your AirPods case. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe

Besides brands like Adidas and Nike, Lululemon has been making fantastic gym shorts with mesh pockets that work amazingly as workout shorts. Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe has been a highly searched topic. This is because workout shorts have been trendy but very expensive for people to buy. We have a list of dupes from Amazon, which look almost the same and are available at a cheaper rate on Amazon. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe | Which shorts are similar to Lululemon? 

This is a running or workout tights by Lululemon. They have named it Hotty Hot shorts. Primarily they are designed for running. The length of the shorts is 2.5″ and 4″, and it comes in two sizes. However, they are high-rise shorts and give ample room for you to move around. It has a stretchable and airy fabric. There is also a mesh lining inside for good ventilation. The material is quick drying and you won’t feel sweat tickling your legs. 

It has a discreet pocket above your hips to keep your phone and other items. It has a zip and it can keep your valuables very safe. Another beneficial addition is that the shorts also have a secret pocket in the lining. You do not need to bleach,dry, iron or care much about these shorts. One machine wash and you can use it again. It has so many attractive colors which make you want more than one. 

They have solid colors like black, grey, red, and pink. Besides these, they also have neon colors that look bright. The shorts come in all sizes starting from 0 to 20. You have plenty of sizes and options to choose from. The only disadvantage the customers reported is the high price point. We have enlisted 11 dupes for the Lululemon Hotty Hot shorts. 

CRZ YOGA Women’s Gym Workout Shorts 

CRZ is one of the best brands for athleisure and yoga apparel. These shorts might look slightly more fit than the original Hotty Hot shorts. They are more yoga inclined than for workouts. But let us assure you that they work the same. This is also a washable machine fabric and does not need extra care. CRZ does not provide 2.5″ shorts, they only have 4″ shorts. There is only one option.

It also comes in a wide range of sizes, it starts from XX-Small and the largest size is XX-Large. The shorts are mid-waisted and hence easy to wear in all settings. The make is very similar to the original shorts. The brand is famous for making comfortable gym wear and the users are delighted after using their products. Their fabric is very soft and flexible for all kinds of physical activities.  


  • The shorts come in a light and quick-drying fabric. 
  • It has a breathable and feather-like fabric. This makes it super comfortable to wear and work out in. 
  • It also has a mesh lining that is both breathable and prevents your legs from rubbing. 
  • They also have a back pocket for keeping your phone and valuables. The pocket is also sealed with a zip. 
  • The fabric is pretty durable and useful for running/workout and physical activities. 
  • It comes in varied shades like burgundy, black, grey sage, mauve, and many others. There are some bright and some solid colors. They also have a mauve printed option. 
  • Contrasting the original shorts, these shorts are mid-waisted and don’t go as high up as the Hotty Hot pants. 
  • They are cheaper than the original shorts. 


  • Some users found the fit very tight and body fit. 
  • You should order a bigger size than what generally fits you. 
  • The waistband feels very tight on your tummy. 

BMJ Women’s Athletic Shorts 

The BJML shorts are the closest dupe we can get for the Lululemon Shorts. They look very similar to the original product and have similar features too. These shorts are well recommended by the 2700 ratings they have received on Amazon. The fabric used is extremely light and can aid you in any physical activity you engage in. the ruched waistband may seem tight to you at first, but it has ruching for style and feels comfortable on your stomach.

Similar to the other product, they have a vast size range. Adding to the other brands they have provided a 3XL size which is not available in some of the brands. The size of the shorts is the standard 4″. They are made with good quality fabric that is durable and good for extended wear. 


  • It is made with quick-drying fabric that prevents sweat from sticking to your skin. This is a perfect quality for high agility sports. 
  • These are primarily running shorts but are perfect for gym wear and high-intensity workouts. 
  • They come in all sizes, and you can definitely find your size. 
  • The elastic band at the top is very comfortable and does not tug on your skin. They are suitable for extended wear and have a relaxed fit. 
  • Instead of a back pocket, the shorts have two side pockets to keep your valuables. You can keep heavy keys or stuff in the pockets without fearing that it can weigh your shorts down. 
  • You can also wear these shorts for lounging and daily wear. 
  • These shorts come in bold and solid shades. You can choose from the wide variety present on Amazon. 
  • They have a tulip cut bottom and are wrinkle-free. 
  • The shorts are high-waisted and feel comfortable for wear. 


  • These might run a little small and you need to order a size bigger. 
  • They do not have built-in undies. 
  • It is considered a little expensive compared to the other dupes. 

Soothefeel Women’s Running Shorts 

The Soothefeel running shorts are similar to the BMJL shorts. They are breathable and have a quick-drying fabric. The quality of the material used is fantastic, which makes them very comfortable for workouts and wearing it for a long time. These come in many sizes ranging from S to XXL.

You can find your size in these. The shorts have an elastic band and have a high-waisted fit. No need to worry; they don’t tug on your tummy but feel stretchable. They also have an inner mesh lining, making them very lightweight and quick dry. 


  • Unlike some other dupes, Soothefeel shorts come in solid shades and no bright colors. However, there is a tiger print option if you want something different. 
  • The fabric used is lightweight and quick drying. 
  • They have two pockets with a sealed zip for containing your valuables. They are high in agility and hold heavy keys without falling. 
  • Easy and comfortable to wear for long durations. You can wear the shorts for high-intensity workouts, and you still feel comfortable. 
  • There are tons of sizes and colors for you to choose from. 
  • They are also cheaper than some of the options.


  • There is the same issue that the size runs small. If you have larger hips, you should order a larger size. Ordering a larger size would be beneficial as it gives you more space and room for comfort. 
  • They shrink a little after washing them. 
  • Finding the right size might be an issue here, as if you get the tighter or, the larger size, the waistband would seem uncomfortable. 

Mier Women’s Quick-Dry Running Shorts 

These are our favorite dupe for the Lululemon Hotty Hot shorts. They have a very stylish yet comfortable waistband. It is very stretchable and fits comfortably on your body. The material used is ultra-lightweight and astounding in quality. Unlike other shorts, this has a great mesh detail at the ends of the shorts. The design looks fantastic and very comfortable for working out.

It has a split design, making running and gym use easier. One unique thing about the pockets for these shorts is that they have two layers. The pockets are inside the first layer and sealed with a zip. The second layer on top of the pockets makes it more discreet and comfortable to keep anything in them. This also ensures that the shorts won’t come down and that your items are safe in the pockets. 


  • You can wear these shorts at the gym, casually and for running. 
  • They are comfortable for extended wear and don’t feel stuck to your body. 
  • The fabric used is breathable and quick drying. 
  • It also has layers that make it more convenient and easy to use. 
  • They come in sizes from S to XXL. 
  • The shorts come in solid colors but there are only six colors. 
  • Unique design which looks very stylish. 


  • There could be more color options to choose from. 
  • The size issue comes in here too. These shorts also run small and you should always order a bigger size. 
  • A bigger size will make you feel more comfortable moving around and workout. 

Libin Women’s Athletic Running Shorts 

One of the significant differences in these shorts is that the length is 5″ and not 4″ like the others. They have an attractive design and are very comfortable to wear. The shorts also have a drawstring that helps you adjust the elastic band. The band has a solid elastic that makes you feel comfortable during exercise.

Libin Women's 5 Inches Athletic Running Shorts with Liner Quick Dry Workout Gym Shorts for Lounge Sports with Zipper Pockets
  • Knit Waistband & Internal Drawcord --- wider elastic waistband with drawstring for an adjustable fit, making these running shorts a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Breathable & Quick-dry Fabric --- Lightweight and sweat-wicking fabric helps to wick away moisture and dry quickly, helps keep you cool and comfortable when you do exercise.
  • Mesh Briefs --- Built-in moisture-wicking briefs provide a supportive and minimises rubbing,breathable fit when exercising and running.
  • 3 Zipper Pockets --- These 5 inches athletic shorts with 2 side zipper pockets secures your phone and a back zip for you key and card or small items, free your hands when workout.
  • Occasions --- Perfect for running, workout, athletic, sports, jogging, gym, exercise,fitness, travel, walking, lounging, fitness or casual wear. The current size may be small, you can buy one size larger than usual.

The brand uses good fabric which does not require a lot of maintenance. It has a quick-drying fabric that feels breathable and easy to wear. They also have an in-built mesh liner, making it more comfortable working out in the shorts. 


  • The shorts come in sizes ranging from S to XXL. 
  • The fabric used in the making makes the shorts comfortable for prolonged wear workouts. 
  • You can also wear them casually and for lounging. 
  • One of the unique features is that the shorts have three pockets sealed with a zip. This gives you more space to keep your stuff during the workout. Two are at the sides, and one is below your back. 
  • They come in 10 colors and also offer two printed options. All of them are solid and primary colors. 


  • There could be better and brighter colors. 
  • If you have a pear-shaped body, these shorts may not bring out the best shape. They have a tulip-shaped cut which is not suitable for pear-shaped bodies. 
  • The fit is true to size, but some users found that they have a little more flare than the usual shorts. 

BALEAF Running Shorts 

Baleaf Running Shorts are the cheapest option for the original Lululemon shorts. They have instructed that the shorts run smaller and you need to order a bigger size.

BALEAF Men's 7" Running Shorts with Mesh Liner Zipper Pocket for Athletic Workout Gym
  • [3 Pockets] - 1 back zipper pocket offers secure space, maximum for 6.7" phone. 2 side pockets help store your essentials
  • [Built-in Brief] - Built-in knit brief made of soft and smooth fabric hug you in a body-skimming look and feel
  • [Quick Dry] - The breathable fabric moves sweat from your skin for quicker evaporation—helping you stay dry, comfortable and focused
  • [Mesh Panels] - Side mesh panels ensure you get extra ventilation, in the meanwhile, provide a fashionable look for workout
  • [Occasion] - 7" inseam shorts are designed for running, workout, sports, gym, tennis, fitness and other activities

The mesh liners make the shorts breathable and easy to wear. The shorts can be worn for workouts/running and casual daily wear. There is good breathability and flexibility provided.


  • The shorts come in sizes from S to XXL. 
  • It also has many colors. They are all solid colors, and there are no bright colors available.
  • The fabric used is comfortable and quick drying. 
  • There is only one pocket that can contain your phone and other belongings. 
  • The elastic band is stretchable and sits comfortably on your tummy. 
  • It is comfortable for high-intensity workouts and long wear. 


  • It only has one pocket. Two pockets would have been better for usability and ease. 
  • The size runs a little small so order a bigger size for yourself. 
  • The pocket is very small and not large enough to fit your phone correctly. 
  • The shorts can be pretty tight for heavier women or women with chubby thighs. 

ZUTY Athletic Running Shorts for Women

City shorts are very similar to the Baleaf shorts. They look very similar. Duty shorts have a lightweight and breathable fabric too. They are soft to touch and make you feel very comfortable during exercise or workouts. It has a side split design, making it more comfortable to move around during your workouts.

The shorts are also longer than the original Lululemon shorts as they are 5″. 


  • The fabric used makes the shorts very breathable and comfortable for usage. 
  • It also has a waistband that stretches according to your waist and does not tug on your tummy. 
  • The mesh lining inside makes it highly comfortable for casual wear. 
  • It only comes in 4 solid colors. 
  • Another benefit is the size range which starts from S and goes up to 3XL. 
  • It has two pockets to hold your phone and other belongings. 


  • It only comes in 4 colors. 
  • The size may run a little small so you should order a bigger size for precaution. You may also feel that the shorts are too short in length if you order a smaller size. 

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YYV Women’s Running Shorts

YYV running shorts are the second most stylish dupes for the original Lululemon shorts. They have engraved their brand name on the elastic band. The shorts are made of quick dry fabric that is comfortable for workouts. They also feel very soft and lightweight in texture.

YYV Women's Running Shorts with Zipper Pockets Quick-Dry Elastic Waist Band Athletic Gym Shorts for Women with Liner
  • Zipper Pockets Running Shorts:Two side zipper pockets are conveniently to stash your phone, keys or other run essentials.
  • Knit Elastic Waist Band: Soft, exposed knit construction elastic waistband is flat and stretch, offers an athletic & stylish look, works well in your movement and all-day wear.
  • Quick Dry Fabric: Lightweight and breathable fabric wicks moisture away from your skin and dries quickly, keep you cool and comfortable during your summer workout.
  • Built-in Jogging Shorts: Soft mesh liner offer extra coverage and support for exercise, stylish hem cut designed for enhance range of motion, ensure the comfortable fit.
  • YYV Women's Athletic Shorts: designed for workout, walking, play tennis, gym fitness, jogging, lounging around house or summer casual wear.

There is no ruching in the waistband and it’s flat to give a better fit. They have a built-in mesh lining for the split which feels breathable and easy to move around making it an ideal Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe.


  • The fabric is comfortable and you can wear it for long hours at the gym. 
  • It comes in various sizes ranging from S to XXL. 
  • The design is pretty and looks very classy. 
  • They can be worn in all seasons. 
  • The shorts come in many solid shades and you’ll love them. 
  • They also have two zipper pockets to store your belongings. 


  • The cut makes the size a little smaller for a good fit. Order a larger size just in case. 

SANTINI Women’s Running Shorts

Santini running shorts have a wide waistband that resembles a triple elastic fit. It does not look very comfortable to wear by the look of it. They have a good quality quick drying fabric that is used. It also has strings for tightening the fit of your shorts.

SANTINY Women's Running Shorts with Zip Pockets High Waisted Athletic Workout Gym Shorts for Women with Liner
  • Quick-Drying Fabric: Lightweight and breathable material wicks away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable during your workout.
  • Zippered Phone Pockets: Santiny running shorts with two deep zipper pockets that enough to hold your plus phone, card, key properly, free your hands during exercising.
  • Built-in liner: Lightweight liner offers extra coverage and wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • High Waisted Design: Wide elastic waistband with drawcrod for a snug, adjustable fit. The high-rise waistband is not only flattering, but also holds the shorts securely in place while you work out.
  • Max out that stride: These run shorts with a little extra room in the thigh opening so you can move freely. Perfect for running, workout, gym fitness, hiking, training, weight-lifting or casual wear.

This customization lets you adjust the kind of fit you want for the shorts. It also comes in a split design and has a mesh undie, making it more breathable for exercising. 


  • The shorts have a quick-drying fabric and are comfortable to wear for long hours. 
  • They have two zipper pockets that can contain more than one of your belongings. 
  • It has a high-waisted fit if that’s what you’re looking for. 
  • They have sizes ranging from XS to XXL. 
  • The shorts come in a variety of solid colors. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe


  • The elastic portion can be very uncomfortable for you. 
  • They are not very durable and the elastic on the waist may come out after some time. 
  • The shorts are not made for women having thicker thighs. 

Obla Women’s Running Shorts 

The shorts are made up of quick-drying fabric and are very lightweight. It is breathable and comfortable for you to wear through your gym sessions. This is very similar to the previous shorts with a triple-layered elastic band. It also has a split design and a mesh liner inside. The liner is breathable and easy to wear which makes it the best Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe.

Obla Women's Running Shorts with Zipper Pockets High Waisted Athletic Workout Gym Shorts for Women with Liner -3 inch(Light Grey_S)
  • Quick Drying Fabric: Obla women's running shorts is made of lightweight and breathable fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cool in summer during workout.
  • High Waisted: The athletic shorts features high-rise wasitband for tummy control and the inside drawstring for a custom fit when you running.
  • Zippered Pockets: Two side zipper pockets are deep enough to hold your phone, cards, keys properly, free your hands when you doing exercise.
  • Build-in Liner: Designed with soft and stretchy mesh liner for extra coverage and wicks moisture from body to give you a comfortable feel.
  • Split-leg Design: The side split design with a little extra room in the leg openning to give your legs freedom. Perfect for running, workout, athletic, gym, fitness, exercise, or casual wear.


  • The fabric is comfortable and you can wear it for any exercise. 
  • It has two zipper pockets for you to store anything. 
  • The liner makes it breathable and easy for long-term wear. 
  • It comes in S to XL sizes. 
  • It only comes in one color. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe


  • There are few size options and bigger women may not get their size. 
  • It does not have multiple colors. 
  • There are limited ratings for this product. 

MIVEI Women’s Athletic Shorts

More athletic shorts are another similar workout apparel with a broad elastic band. It has a drawstring to adjust the kind of fit you want on your waist. This brand has uplifted the shorts and used UPF 50 fabric which blocks UV rays from the sun. That is not the only thing that the fabric does, it also has water resistance, no staining and resists light.

MIVEI Women's High Waisted Athletic Shorts 4" High Rise Running Workout Gym Quick Dry Tummy Control Short with Zipper Pockets
  • 【Wide High Waistband】4 inch wide high waist waistband for better tummy control and say goodbye to muffin top;4 inch inseam with a slightly 'A' line design making this running shorts suitable for all kinds of body types
  • 【Zippered Pockets】2 Side pockets with zipper can hold 6.7" phone and have generous room for your keys,cards,or other belongings
  • 【Mesh Briefs】Comfortable liner provide a sufflcient motion space and breathable fit when running or for daily use
  • 【Upgrade Fabric】Quick-dry fabric with durable water repellent finish helps keep you dry and comfy; UPF 50+ fabric provides maximum sun protection against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Suitable occasions : Perfect for running, athletic, workout, sports, gym fitness, jogging, exercise, travel, walking, casual wear.

However, this can only help when you are in the open and use the shorts for running. The non-staining and water resistance qualities may make us like the shorts even better. 


  • The fabric is fantastic and makes you feel very comfortable. 
  • It has a split design and built-in mesh briefs that make the shorts breathable. 
  • The shorts also have two zipper pockets that protect the belongings that you choose to keep. 
  • They have used a unique fabric that gives a lot of perks and makes the shorts durable. 
  • The sizes start from S to 3XL.
  • It only has five solid colors. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe


  • There could be more colors to choose from. 
  • The fit is not very comfortable for women and they say the shorts have a different fit for the hip and crotch region. 


We found not one Lululemon Hotty Hot Dupe but multiple. They are all unique and similar to the original product. What you need to remember when you’re looking for gym apparel is that it should have a comfortable fit for you. The fabric should be breathable and always prefer shorts with briefs. We all have different body shapes and are comfortable in different sizes apart from our measurements.

It is always beneficial if you choose a bigger size as they are airier and you may feel more comfortable in them. The shorts come in bold and bright colors which are quite the statement looks. The elastic band available can also be a huge deciding factor as the comfort may range from person to person. 

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