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Skincare and haircare are necessary, and most women give them the same importance. The parts under these two terms are sensitive and need extra care. There’s a discussion about skincare on every page; that can be because we have more skincare problems than haircare. It is not a reason to ignore your hair care. Today we will have a report on haircare and make shortlisting an excellent haircare regimen a bit easier. With the help of our Zenagen Reviews, we assure you will get the knowledge you were looking for about the brand in our report.

Zenagen Review

Hair Fall and damaged scalp are what most of us suffer from. It can be because of a lousy climate or deficiency of certain food elements in your daily food diet, and many more. Along with good skincare, balancing proper hair care is similarly essential. Finding the right hair shampoo and serum can be part of it. Does Zenagen provide you with that? Let’s find out!

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Zenagen Reviews | The Only Haircare You Need? 

Zenagen is a Hair Care brand that solely aims at making products only for hair. They have a limited but unique variety of haircare products for men and women. The man behind Zenagen, Jared Reynolds, the founder, and designer of Zenagen, observed his hair thinning and shedding due to his pressuring medical student; worried, Reynolds began looking for hair loss remedies. After a good research, Jared discovered from his medical studies that high-quality nutraceutical ingredients and an innovative delivery mechanism played an essential role in giving birth to new and innovative hair loss therapy that was proven to be genuinely effective, natural, and simple use. This led to the birth of his company which claims to be absolutely cruelty-free and vegan.


Zenagen mainly focuses on hair loss products, a core and common problem of most men and women. The brand also aims at improving hair health with its products. In addition, they also have hair styling products to bring natural volume and better effects on your hair. They use plant-based products to bring faster and safer results for their consumers. Their products have proven to be increasing natural hair growth by following simple steps for hair care through their products. Zenagen promises thicker and fuller hair growth through its clean and salon-quality shampoos and conditioner. Let us now go through the details of some of its bestsellers to determine where the product stands.

Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women

By identifying the reasons behind women’s hair fall, Zenagen formulated a Revolve Shampoo Treatment for Women, which is an entirely plant-based and healthy solution to treat hair loss. It saves you from toxic shampoos full of chemicals that might impress you with temporary solutions but does long-term and irreversible damage to your hair. Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo will gradually develop thick and fuller hair, which will prevent you from adding one more extra product for perfect hair development. 

Zenagen Revolve Thickening Hair Loss Treatment for Women, 6.75 Fl. Oz.
  • Most powerful non daily hair loss shampoo on the market
  • Zenagen treatments use hair loss fighting technology and take only 5 minutes, 3 times a week
  • See noticeably thicker fuller hair within 3 months of using zenagen
  • Zenagen has been named top 10 emerging professional beauty brands
  • Color safe, salon professional hair loss brand for women's hair loss. The nutraceutical ingredients in the product are completely safe to use while pregnant or nursing

Revolve cleanses every hair follicle of DHT. DHT is a hormone that causes several forms of hair loss and nourishes new and current hair growth with the unique potent amino acid complex powered by a proprietary blend of natural components. Over time it improves hair texture by canceling out rough hair. In addition, it brings shiny and natural-looking hair through its nutritional formulas. It is the easy-to-use hair loss remedy that is healthful and accessible for everyone and every hair type when used in the shower for only 5 minutes three times each week.

Perks of using Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women 

  • Contains natural ingredientsRevolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women
  • Cleanses every hair follicle
  • Easy to use
  • Nutritional formula
  • Cancels rough hair
  • Gives shiny hair
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Gives thick and fuller hair 
  • Nourishes new and current hair growth 
  • Toxic-free
  • Prevents hair fall

Cons of using Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women

  • Made some of the user’s hair brittle and dry

Zenagen Revolve Thickening Conditioner

After shampooing, hair usually gets tangled and becomes frizzy. It might not be an issue caused due to shampoo, but because of different water conditions, which is not suitable for every hair type. Conditioner is necessary because it untangles your hair, makes them smooth, and makes you look like walking straight from the salon. Revolve Conditioner is a unisex conditioner that works with the Revolve Shampoo Treatment for Men and Women. Not only does it solve everyday conditioning issues, but this conditioner also targets hair loss by moisturizing the scalp. 

Zenagen Revolve Thickening Conditioner for Hair Loss and Fine Hair, 6.75 fl. oz.
  • Soothing, thickening, luxurious conditioner for fine and thinning hair
  • Zenagen revolve conditioner is developed to not weigh down hair, hydrate, and protect
  • See noticeably thicker fuller hair within 3 months of using Zenagen
  • Zenagen has been named top 10 emerging professional beauty brands
  • Color safe, salon professional hair loss brand for women's hair loss

The scalp is the root of every hair follicle and works as soil by providing and maintaining the hair above. It also helps ease inflammation and soothe irritation by keeping your hair scalp calm. It will create an ideal environment for thicker and fuller hair to grow. The lightweight formula conditioner improves manageability fullness without weighing your hair down and keeps your hair shiny naturally. It’s a crucial component of the Revolve system, and it’ll improve the speed and quality of output.

Perks of using Zenagen Revolve Thickening Conditioner 

  • Untangles your hair 
  • Keeps hair smooth and shiny
  • Improves quality and texture of hair 
  • Natural plant-based ingredients 
  • Lightweight 
  • Makes hair thicker and fuller than before
  • Eases inflammation and soothes irritation 
  • Moisturizes the scalp 
  • Prevents hair loss

Cons of using Zenagen Revolve Thickening Conditioner 

  • Makes the scalp itchy and flaky

Zenagen Boost Thickening Volume Foam

Not every one of us is blessed with natural volume in our hair. Zenagen makes hair styling products along with hair care. They make sure their hair styling products are different and harmless, unlike other chemical-infused hair styling products. You can apply one or two pumps of this foam on your partial wet or dry hair. Make sure that you apply it carefully from the root to the ends of your hair. You can blow dry or let your hair to air dry. Layer it over to build the volume you want.

Zenagen Thickening Volume Foam, 7 fl. oz.
  • Instant volume booster gives lasting hold and allover fullness and lift.
  • Conditioning, low-alcohol formula conditions and protects hair from damage caused by heat styling and UV exposure.
  • Sets hair shape for longer-lasting styles that won’t fall flat.
  • Formulated with a botanical volumizing complex.

The Boost Thickening Volume Foam thickens and volumizes hair to create the perfect canvas for any style that you are looking for for every event. It has a conditioning anti-frizz formula that avoids frizziness and tangled hair. Doing this also protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling and UVA/UVB radiation. At the same time, the lightweight style foam stimulates fuller hair growth while giving hair extra body, grip, and shine. Zenagen makes your hair styling more careful and safe for your hair. 

Perks of using Zenagen Boost Thickening Volume Foam 

  • Improves hair growth Zenagen Boost Thickening Volume Foam
  • Keeps hair untangled and frizz-free 
  • Lightweight 
  • Gives your hair grip and shines
  • Protects from damages of heat styling 
  • Makes hair styling easier 
  • Protects from UVA/UVB radiations

Cons of using Zenagen Boost Thickening Volume Foam 

  • Unfavorable fragrance 
  • Overpriced 

Zenagen Boost Scalp Therapy Spray

The scalp is the base and the soil of every hair follicle. The way we add plant food and water into the soil for it to reach the plant stem and ends to grow similarly makes the scalp stronger with the elements it needs will help your hair strand grow more solid and healthy. Zenagen Boost Scalp Therapy Spray goes to the root of every hair strand suffering from thinning and shedding due to lack of some aspects in your scalp.

Zenagen Boost Scalp Therapy Spray, 3.3 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Proprietary hair loss fighting technology optimizes scalp environment and fights inflammation.
  • Makes hair look thicker instantly and fuller over time.
  • Acts as a priming and plumping spray for styling wet or dry hair.
  • Contains an anti-hair loss tripeptide shown to increase hair growth.
  • Minoxidil free.

This product reduces irritation on the scalp and provides a strong foundation for healthy hair growth by creating a favorable environment. Gradually it brings visible fullness from root to tip of every hair strand. It is perfect for individuals who don’t wash three times a week. Especially working women with indeed long hair who do not get enough time to wash their hair thrice a week, this product will still allow your hair to maintain the health and flawlessness in your hair. Shake the product before using it. Apply over your scalp and focus on the areas with bald spots. You can use it daily.

Zenagen Evolve Unisex Treatment

If you are looking for extra care for your hair and scalp, Zenagen Evolve Unisex Treatment might be the product for you. Sometimes using all-purpose shampoo and conditioner for your hair is not enough. Apart from this, your hair and scalp need extra care and attention for maintaining your natural-looking gorgeous hair. Beauty parlors and salons are way too expensive and time-consuming; treating your hair with care with natural elements will be a better and less time-consuming option. 

Zenagen Evolve Professional Accelerating Shampoo Treatment
  • Zenagen evolve treatment shampoo targets hair breakage, dull hair and hair damage
  • Zenagen evolve treatment gives increased shine, reduced breakage and improved manageability
  • Clients notice significant less hair shedding, less hair breakage and reduced hair damage
  • Zenagen has been named top 10 emerging professional beauty brands by Kline research
  • Color safe, salon professional products, paraben free, cruelty free, wheat free formulation

Evolve Shampoo Treatment provides a plant-based hair healing solution that strengthens hair from the inside out and makes them look natural. It results in hair that is effortlessly longer, stronger, and grows more quickly. We all love styles and coloring our hair. But sometimes, we worry about the harm it can cause and ruin hair for good, which pulls us back from doing what we like. Zenagen natural components and amino acids assist in sealing the cuticle, making hair more resistant to dryness and breakage from heat styling, chemical treatments, and continuous hair color and bleach. It will happily allow you to experiment with your hair without worrying about the damage.

Perks of using Zenagen Evolve Unisex Treatment

  • Protects from damages 
  • Avoids dryness
  • Prevents breakage
  • Promotes longer and stronger hair 
  • Helps hair grow faster
  • Heals hair follicles
  • Strengthens hair and makes them look natural 
  • Cuts down salon costs 
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Toxin-free 
  • Color-safe
  • Suitable for every hair type 
  • Gluten-free

Cons of using Zenagen Evolve Unisex Treatment

  • Makes hair frizzy and dry

Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder

Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder makes your hair styling safer and makes it look natural. It brings instant volume and improves the texture of your hair. With every puff, it gives fullness and grip to your hair. You can use it on dry hair; it will cover your hair with an invisible layer of powder without leaving any residue behind. It assures that your hair feels voluminous and mess-free with its water-based formula. 

Zenagen powder

It refreshes your entire look with its volume and texture. The powder contains particles that help thicken and texture without leaving your hair white and unnatural. It also provides health benefits for the hair with aloe leaf juice that will retain moisture in your hair and make the powder do its job with every hair strand. It also contains botanicals to avoid breaking and shedding your hair by keeping them safe and natural. You can use it by spraying the desired amount over dry hair. Focus on the roots of the hair for better results.

Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder
  • Releases targeted, controlled puffs of texture powder for mess-free application.
  • Creates instant hold, texture and fullness at the root.
  • Non-aerosol, water-based formula is perfect for travel.
  • Layers weightlessly and invisibly with no residue.
  • Helps to reduce hair shedding and breakage.

Perks of using Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder 

  • Does not leave any residue behind
  • Avoids mess 
  • Suitable for every hair type
  • Gluten and cruelty-free
  • Contains botanicals
  • Avoids breaking and shedding of hair
  • Locks in moisture in the scalp 
  • Thickens hair 
  • Improves hair texture
  • Brings volume 
  • Water-based formula

Cons of using Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder 

  • Makes the scalp itchy
  • The product is too small in size

Customer feedback | Zenagen Reviews

Jenny pinned about Zenagen Boost Scalp Therapy Spray, “The product has a lightweight formula, and it has controlled my hair shedding and breakage a lot since I have started using it. It smells great. I usually use it at night because there is no time for me in the daytime. It has soothed my irritations too.” 

Zenagen before and after

Blare pinned on  Zenagen Boost Thickening Texturizing Powder, “It itched my scalp for two days but later soothes the same irritation. It brought quite a voluminous thickness to my hair and has also improved the rough texture of the hair.” 

Diana commented about Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women, “It worked better than I expected. It smells good and has decreased my hair fall within a month. I have seen changes in the texture too. Hair became shiny, and their health slowly improved.” 

Revolve Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment For Women before and after

FAQs | Zenagen Reviews

Can I use Zenagen Revolve Treatment more than thrice a week? 

According to Zenagen, the treatment is favorable for daily use, but they suggest using it thrice a week for the desired results. 

Are Zenagen products safe for colored and highlighted hair? 

Yes. Zenagen products are safe for color-treated hair. They do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, or minoxidil. The elements in Zenagen products will enhance and protect the hair color. 

Are Zenagen products available on Amazon? 

Yes. Zenagen products are available on every e-commerce site, including Amazon. You can also check the product on Zenagen’s official website. 

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Final thought | Zenagen Reviews

Wrapping up today’s report, we finally reached Zenagen Reviews’ bottom. Zenagen has impressed consumers with its plant-based and fast working process, mainly focusing on hair loss. Their products are sold worldwide and have earned positive reviews across the world. The products and the brand have won awards for their best formulation and promising results, encouraging both men and women to give it a shot. They have had a limited range of products but claimed to be excelling by giving their best in those few products. From hair care to hair styling, they have made products by identifying common hair problems, which attracted numerous consumers to the brand.

Zenagen has created a good image in the eyes of its existing and new users. Most of them seemed very impressed with the brand, but some also complained about the product results. No product has ever worked for everyone. Make sure you read the ingredients and the instructions to use Zenagen products carefully before stepping ahead to buy them. We hope there is nothing left about Zenagen that is left out with this. If you think we missed out on anything or have any queries regarding Zenagen, let us know in the comment section below. We will make sure our team gets back to you as soon as possible.

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